Gary Phillips

Gary Phillips is a contributor at The Athletic, Forbes and Sporting News and the Managing Editor of USA Today Sports' Jets Wire. Phillips has previous experience with Bleacher Report, FanRag Sports, The Bergen Record, CNBC, NBC News,, the Locked On Network, The Journal Inquirer and The Journal News. A journalism graduate of Seton Hall, he was Editor-in-Chief of The Setonian, the university's award-winning student newspaper. He can be reached at or 845-825-7030.

Gordon's Other Half: Twins Reunited After One's Stay in Prison

Ten minutes and 47 seconds have gone by in the first half of Seton Hall's season opener on Nov. 13 and Derrick Gordon is about to check in for the second time. As he rises from the bench to make his way towards the scorer's table, he sees a familiar face get up in the stands. The face is very similar to his own, but Darryl Gordon's dreadlocks and smaller stature make for distinct differences between the fraternal twins. With Derrick in the middle of his Seton Hall debut, the two lock eyes. "It

For NCAA players, no big bucks, but an allowance

For college athletes, there's good news and bad news. A September court decision by a panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit upheld the status quo of "amateurism," a principle that essentially means student players can't be compensated beyond what it costs to attend college. In other words, college students shouldn't expect big payments or NFL-sized contracts for their athletic exploits anytime soon, even as they help feed a multi-million dollar beast of merchandise and ticket

How much will the sidelines cost Tom Brady?

As New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady looks to appeal his four-game suspension handed to him by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for deflating footballs, allegedly, it seems obvious this whole thing has tarnished Brady's reputation. Or has it? Actually, recent numbers suggest that not only has this air pressure ordeal not damaged Brady's standing with fans, but it may have heightened it in some regards. That conclusion is most strongly supported by the NFL players union's latest top 50